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Why LGM Solution?

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    What can we do

    Provide your business with a
    complete data maintenance
    and recovery service

    Our teams of technology specialists can provide punctual mainte-
    nance operations and recovery services or handle the entire manage-
    ment of your technological portfolio.

    However, we advise you to choose the solution that will allow
    you not only to save time, constantly benefit from functioning
    and optimised equipment, but also to be equipped to deal with
    different kinds of problems.

    Maintenance and Recovery of Technological Equipment

    Installation and configuration

    We guarantee regular follow-up checks on your
    network and quickly deal with any problems

    We install and regularly update Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems. Our technical teams take care of Windows updates as well as all the software used by your company. We check whether your computers are infected with viruses or spyware, configure your peripherals, such as printers and scanners, and test all hardware regularly. If there is a problem, we quickly attend the scene in order to determine what has gone wrong and carry out the necessary repairs.

    Whether it is a computer crash, printer repairs, or even a network error, our technicians are trained and capable of dealing with equipment of any brand, particularly HP, Asus, and Toshiba. If we find a virus or spyware, we immediately take steps to remove it, clean the computer, and check that no computers or servers on the network are damaged.

    As we can take care of anything at all in the technological domain, you can relax and dedicate all your concentration to managing and developing your business. Starting from the installation of the network, you will have one dedicated contact, who will analyse your current and future needs in order to provide you with personalised solutions. We are at your complete disposal, whether it is for dealing with crashes, answering questions or installing updated software for your business, and we deal with your system in order to guarantee you technological tools that are always accessible and constantly adapt to your needs.

    By taking out a technological equipment maintenance and repair contract with LGM SOLUTION, you are guaranteed to be choosing a trouble-free solution that will allow you to optimise the management of your technological equipment.

    Some Benefits you can get, working with LGM Solution

    The advantages of

    A Technological Equipment
    Maintenance Contract for
    a Business

    The need to outperform competitors places demands on businesses to use their technological equipment to its full potential.

    For this reason, a contract with a technological equipment maintenance company is absolutely worth having.

    Benefit from

    Rapid Assistance from Skilled Technicians

    The main advantage of having a technological equipment maintenance contract is the dexterity with which repairs are carried out when things go wrong. After rapidly diagnosing the problem, our technicians can provide an immediate solution, whether the problem affects a printer, a computer, a server or even the entire network. We clean up your computers and get rid of viruses and spyware.

    Our technology installation service also involves formatting computers, advising you on the setup of your network, installing and configuring it, and connecting various peripherals as needed.

    Take advantage of

    The Latest Technologies and Anticipate Problems

    Our computer maintenance technicians perform all setup procedures, from the installation of the operating system to the installation and uninstallation of software, as well as regularly updating various software. Opting for a contract, you will benefit from the latest versions of software, allowing trouble-free and rapid access to applications and new functionalities.

    Our technicians forestall problems by transferring and backing up data as well as by installing antivirus software on your computers. As security is a priority for business computing services, we protect your data and regularly check your computers and servers. The maintenance team also provides technological assistance.

    Our technicians advise clients on optimising their use of technological equipment and software and network configuration and help them choose the best tools for using the Internet.

    Other Services

    We work all over Canada and offer
    the following technological equipment
    maintenance services

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