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Why LGM Solution?

Our ICT solutions allow you completely secure real-time access to all your resources

With their help, you can optimise the way your business is organised and improve the performances of your employees. We have plenty of experience, allowing us to identify which internetworking solution is best suited to your needs and advise you on implementing a modern, efficient and trouble-free internetwork.

What’s more, we at LGM Solution install internetworking systems using particularly reliable hardware, allowing you to reach an MTBF of more than 100,000 hours.

Our partners are specialists
in Internet operations

Our partners, specialists in internetworking, are also extremely knowledgeable about LAN networks; allowing them to optimise the build of your company’s networks and to offer you various ICT solutions according to your specific needs:

  • Primary network switches (up to 128 ports at 10 Gbps as well as an uplink/stacking at 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps)
  • Distribution network switches (up to 48 ports at 1 Gbps as well as an uplink/stacking at 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps, PoE, and PoE+ Ethernet input, switch layer 2/3)
  • Access network switches (up to 48 ports at 1 Gbps as well as an uplink/stacking at 10 Gbps, PoE
    and PoE+ Ethernet input)

Multilayer network switches

Multilayer network switches that accept Ethernet input do not require a nearby electricity supply, meaning that you will not have to deal with electrical installations or trailing extension cords. They can also easily be installed above ground level.

  • Switchers and SBC (Session Border Controller) routers
    We offer a large range of models of switches and SBC routers, which are required for
    connecting to the public SIP link (telephony) provider.
  • LAN and SAN solutions
    We have selected trustworthy, high-quality products such as Brocade ICX
    range and Cisco’s ICX products.
  • Switches
    We favour switches made by the Cisco group, Adtran and Mikrotik, as these are all
    well-known manufacturers of ICT products. What’s more, these solutions are perfectly
    well suited to small and medium-sized businesses.

We provide the help you need

LGM Solution carries out network installations that matches the high quality of hardware. By choosing us to implement your ICT systems, you are guaranteed to have your networks linked in the way best suited to your business.

The Benefits of Internet working

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