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Why LGM Solution?

About cloud system

Why Is It Useful?

Even if the infrastructure is located on our site, you will have access to the complete and expanding range of functionalities offered by our cloud-based telephony solutions.

Thanks to the use of very simple unified communication tools, your teams can access the company’s data and software from any fixed or mobile workstation and can work collaboratively without necessarily being located on the same site.

LGM Solution’s System

LGM Solution’s cloud-based
phone system is configured
in this way

Traditional System

For the purposes of comparison,
a traditional or IP phone system
is configured like this

Start to use Cloud Systems with
LGM Solution today!

Experts in computing, we take care of everything involved in the installation of your cloud-based solution. We take every measure necessary to prepare and secure your infrastructure so that it may work with the new cloud-based phone system.

We then take care of the transition of all services to the cloud, making sure to provide a trustworthy and entirely secure installation.

Whatever your company’s size and needs, LGM Solution can build a customised cloud telephony solution, equipped with completely up-to-date functionalities, guaranteeing you peace of mind and high performance.

What is Cloud Telephony?

What are its Advantages?

  • Off-site infrastructure leads to a reduction in installation and hardware costs and eliminates charges for maintenance and updates. You pay only for the functionalities activated on the handsets.
  • This adaptable phone system can easily change in real time according to your needs: you can quickly add a handset and benefit from constant updates, guaranteed by the provider.
  • Adapting to the size and the needs of your business, cloud telephony guarantees you security and performance at a manageable cost, without the need to install any technical infrastructure.

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