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    Our technical services meet the
    needs of all jurisdictions

    With several years of experience, our company comes to your service to carry out any type of computer repair. Operating on several levels, we handle both software and hardware problems. Conscious of the current trend for electronic ubiquity, we are developing our services for a wide range of customers

    We do not just do interventions for existing digital structures. We also offer application software with multiple functionalities to perform complex operations.

    Repair of computer equipment

    We know very well that your computer installation is essential
    to guarantee productivity within your company.
    Thus, we intervene immediately to realize an effective
    intervention on your materials.

    We have the right solutions to solve any kind of problem

    Certified professional technicians
    to support software

    Software problems can completely penalize your company, or even cause you to lose several customers. To help you avoid this kind of inconvenience, our computer convenience stores will assist you. We intervene to

    • Debugging software
    • To update the software
    • Upgrade the operating system
    • Reinstall the operating system/software
    • Reconfigure and
      configure software
    • Licensing for
      software and applications
    • Make a networked
      software installation
    • Install and update an antivirus
    • Protect your email

    Computer services and remote computer support

    Our remote technical support service can be continuously solved to solve your problems. You can call us by phone and we will guide you step by step to make the manipulations to solve the malfunction.
    We can also install software like TeamViewer on your computer allowing us to take care of your posts from a far.