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    The Benefits of a Digital Video Surveillance System

    Due to technological advances, high-performance remote surveillance solutions are now accessible to smaller as well as larger businesses.

    These surveillance systems not only function as protective measures for your business but also as management tools that allow performance to improve.

    Total Accessibility

    IP security systems allow you to review the videos captured on your premises easily. What’s more, our systems, comprising multiple digital video recorders, can be accessed from any location as long as you have an internet connection, allowing you to conduct surveillance in real time even when not on the premises.

    In this way, you can see what is happening on your premises and access the video recorder to see or download the video data it has captured. What’s more, as everything is digital, you won’t have to deal with problems caused by the use of videotape and related maintenance costs.

    Digital video recorders can save large amounts of data without requiring much space, and the data can also be easily downloaded or copied onto CD-ROM if necessary.

    Assistance with Management

    Video surveillance can be an excellent ally in optimising profit margins and improving your company’s performance. It goes without saying that security cameras help deter robbers and detect petty theft, with the direct consequence of reducing losses and lowering the cost of insurance bills.

    However, video surveillance also allows you to improve the behaviour of employees at work and increase productivity: when video cameras are installed, employees know they are under supervision and are disinclined to remain inactive or behave discourteously to clients or colleagues.

    By choosing to install a Wi-Fi surveillance system, you will ensure that your business benefits from effective security measures, and be able to see how it is run from new angles. In addition, you will reach an optimal level of operations, increasing the performance of your business.

    According to your company’s needs, we can install
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