Fiber Optics : The future of connectivity for businesses

Whether it is running IP telecommunications for your business, supporting your online services or running IP integrated systems, all these require a common support structure, the internet. With more and more people adopting IP based services, and more services being integrated, a reliable network is required to support the interconnectivity.

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Securing your business or school with Camera monitoring solutions

Security Camera installations are ramping up in the world because of precaution against intrusions. These cameras can be more than just your watchmen though. Today, intelligent cameras are not just recording bystanders but are in fact, actionable, helping locations curtail fire incidents, providing secure access to confidential data centers, preventing vandalism and aiding identification of many other security threats.

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FT6: The new standard for mandatory cabling in Quebec

The Québec Construction Code has just validated the implementation of this new standard, which concerns the transmission of data, sound and voice, through wiring. The National Building Code 2010 has been subject to a number of changes, changes made by the Building Code Commission in Canada.

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Business advantages through technology

With the world entering a digital age, it completely changed the way we see the world. What started as a simple device for notifying calls, The Pager has made its transformation to the smartphone enabled with cloud telephony services.

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How can you get the best IT support service in Canada

People usually change their minds before buying a product or switch their business to some other company because of the poor support services. According to Accenture’s eleventh annual Global Consumer Pulse Research, 49 percent Canadians switched providers mainly the retailers and cable and satellite television service companies in the past year due to poor customer service.

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