Why LGM Solution?

Fiber Optic for Better

We are well aware that you need the internet to communicate. We particularly rec-
ommend fiber optic, as it has proved itself more high-performing and more efficient
than alternatives.

Fiber optic internet connections benefit your communications in various ways:
  • Better exchange of files
  • Larger capacity mailboxes
  • Internet browsing in HD quality
  • Regular updating of application files
  • High performing work stations
    for every employee

Fiber Optic for Better Productivity

As providers of fiber optic all over Canada, we enable you to benefit from very fast connection speeds, enhancing the productivity of your business. Our solutions respond to your bandwidth needs and can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Automatic backup and saving of data
  • More flexible private networks and IP network
  • Quicker access to networks
  • Better quality group calls and videoconferences
  • Access to higher-performing collaborative work
    tools thanks to document sharing
  • HD quality for IP telephony
  • Easy access to cloud computing
  • A consistently reliable connection, whatever
    your distance from the server
  • More comfortable development and use
    of applications that consume a lot
    of bandwidth

The Best Solution for your Business

Unlike cable, our fiber solutions for business allow you to benefit from very stable super-fast internet. The fiber optic connection can be distributed to your premises through a fiber optic node. This is a very secure architecture, guaranteeing a better quality of end to end connection.

With fiber optic for business, we can offer you symmetrical and stable upload and download speeds. We guarantee you minimum latency, as well as a high quality of bandwidth.

A Customised Solution
for your Business

Our experts will guide and assist you, enabling a fast installation of fiber optic for your business. We take into account all the constraints required to make it work, such as your budget and the location of your premises, before offering you a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Throughout the project, a contact will be available to you who will be located on your premises so as to get to know your needs and suggest which offer suits you best. Everything we do as part of the installation of fiber optic will be started immediately as soon as you give the go-ahead. Each stage of the installation will be supervised by our team of experts in order to ensure the project’s success. We also provide you with our assistance service, available 24/7, to help you in case of need.

We Offer our Fiber Optic Solutions as Required all over Canada providing:

  • A consistently high-performing Internet connection
  • Faster and more flexible quicker communication
  • Higher productivity
  • Ease of use of applications requiring significant bandwidth
  • HD-quality videoconferencing
  • Easy access to cloud computing
  • Assistance at every step of the installation of fiber optic

Other Services

Our data cabling installation service enables you
to have a phone network that meets your needs

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