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    Why LGM Solution?


    What We Can Do:

    Due to the programming carried out by our web developers,
    each site we design has an adaptable, and responsive format,
    meeting integration standards that guarantee complete fun-
    ctionality even on smartphones.

    Whether you access the site on a computer, an iPhone, an
    iPad, Android, or a tablet, the size of the window adapts to
    the equipment, no matter which browser you use. The use
    of our CMS allows the site to be updated regularly, contrib-
    uting to the improvement of its search engine ranking

    Graphical Interface of the Site

    Content Management

    We can carry out an analysis of content and keywords, determining which would be most relevant to your company’s sector. On the basis of this, we design a site with dynamic editorial content which is appropriate, informative and clear, encouraging users to interact with it. Thanks to CMS, we separate the content from the web container, allowing text and images to be updated without affecting the site’s graphics.

    We use only high-quality, easy to use content managers, retaining graphical unity across the website, and install an intuitive administration facility which will be accessible to coworkers who have not received any prior training.

    Ergonomic and reliable, this facility lets contributors and administrators regularly and efficiently update and enrich the information provided on the site.

    Only Experts Can Design

    An Ergonomic, Interactive Website, with a High-profile Online Presence

    At LGM Solution, we take care to produce a visual interface that is optimised in every way, while also focusing on the integration of content.

    In designing websites, we concentrate on providing a pleasant graphical interface and fast navigation, while ensuring that the site is practical and functional. As a result of this, the website increases its natural search rankings and social media shares, allowing it to grow in online visibility.

    The creation of a website involves the design of interactional architecture, tree structure, page organisation, graphic design and the navigation of the site.

    Businesses can use Several
    Kinds of Website According
    to their Needs

    Whatever type of site you choose, the graphical interface and content management are of great importance in your company’s online presence.

    • Showcase websites, allowing a minimal online presence with
      no interactivity
    • Catalogue websites, showcase websites with an extra section
      offering a catalogue
    • Online shopping websites with a shop and secure payment
    • Institutional websites, with an institutional communication
      function linking partners and users
    • Portal websites, allowing access to certain functions to be
      restricted to authorised users
    • Event websites, standalone websites that promote a particular
      event in the company’s calendar

    We can take charge of website design for businesses
    located all over Canada

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