Why LGM Solution?

Telephone Cabling Services

With the service of our specialist, you are guaranteed the benefits of secure and high-performing telephone cabling.

We can also carry out a new installation or renovate an existing one:
  • Conduits for multiple cables
  • Installation of wiring closets
  • Installation of telephone and data ports
  • Installation of new phones
  • Change of ports (analogue or digital)
  • Installation of new cabling
  • Connection of new answering machines
  • Telephone and data linkage
  • Installation of all the equipment required
    for a high-performing
    network (twisted copper pairs, fibre optic, etc.)

Fixed Phone Line Installation

Within your business, a fixed phone line is a necessity, as it allows the different branches of the business to communicate with each other. These days, VoIP is the most widely used standard in this domain.

As a telecommunications protocol designed for the internet, it digitises the voice signal and transmits it in the form of packets. We advise that you use this technology.

It brings your business several advantages:

A technology that combines phones, computers, fax and video conferencing in the same network.

Mobile Phone Network Installation

Mobile telephony is strongly advised for businesses with itinerant workers wanting to remain competitive on the market. Different tariffs can be selected according to your needs. You can opt for a per-second tariff, an adjustable tariff, a shared tariff or an unlimited tariff.

It affords various privileges:
  • Simpler billing
  • Significant savings in phone costs
  • Easier to keep track of use
  • Easier to contact your employees
  • More transparent communications

Analysis of Your Needs

Our priority is offering you a telephone installation that entirely satisfies your needs. Before we start work, we carry out a test to determine which kind of telephone connection we should install on the premises. For new businesses, we decide with you the number and type of landline phones and mobile phones that will be required.

We also determine which type of line (traditional phone line, VoIP, SIP, Wi-Fi) is best suited to the installation of a suitable phone connection system. If we are renovating an installation, we list each operation that we plan to carry out in order to meet your needs.

Maintenance of Your Phone Network

To ensure that your phone installation continues to perform well, we invite you to take out a contract covering maintenance, remote maintenance or mobile fleet management.

Maintenance includes troubleshooting and on-site alterations: repairs to the line as soon as possible, continuity of phone service during outages, repairs to damaged phones, and more. With remote maintenance, we provide you with advisors who can help you with your problems. With mobile fleet management, you can manage your terminals from a distance and track your usage.

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Our data cabling installation service enables you
to have a phone network that meets your needs

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