Why LGM Solution?

The structured cabling, an asset for your enterprise.

Quality structured cabling
provides productivity
and efficiency

Whether it is to improve the connectivity in your different buildings or to gain in optimisation, the structured cabling is the simple solution to your networks problems. It is even a primordial element of communication within your enterprise.

A cabling network includes several essential elements:

LGM solution can do more than take care of your cabling problems. We put everything in place to offer you the best service in the market. For us, getting your structured cabling up to standards is your priority. After this installation, we completely verify your material to be sure that your structured cabling works perfectly with your network. This complete check includes:

  • The incoming connexions (telecom inbound): liaison point of your enterprise with the outside world.
  • The network equipment center: where all equipment is useful to users are connected like servers.
  • The phone communication center: machine room floor, sub-dispatcher, etc. where horizontal and vertical cabling are interconnected.
  • The horizontal and vertical cabling are what we call telecommunication cabling.
  • The horizontal cabling : link between your telecommunication centers and the connectors in your office.
  • The vertical cabling: all of the links linking your telecommunication centers to each other, to your buildings and to your outside networks.
  • The user component: connecting cables of equipment linking users to the horizontal cabling.

What is structured cabling?

In business telecommunications, structured cabling is an invaluable asset, allowing you to ensure that your business functions properly and so optimise your productivity.

It involves a selection of methods, techniques, and standards, with the goal of setting up a physical connection between the different parts of your premises.

In a general sense, structured cabling can be seen as the backbone of your interior communications network.

The Benefits of Structured

The installation of network cables and structured cabling within your business brings numerous advantages.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, you will not only be able to manage your data and telephone communications network independently but also benefit from significant savings on your cabling infrastructure.

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