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  • We design the network, first taking care to carry out a survey of the project’s feasibility.
    Public and private radio frequencies can be used, although the latter requires a license from
    Industry Canada
  • We install point-to-point links, or multipoint links, compatible with various applications and
    even mobile solutions for vehicles, allowing you to travel at up to 120 km/h without the risk
    of losing your data
  • We add a bandwidth accelerator, guaranteeing minimal data transfer delays and so allowing
    a good quality of VoIP communications
  • We also carry out microwave installations on microwave communication towers and bridges
  • We establish duplex microwave connections for video and IP telephony

At LGM Solution, we use
Radwin Products

High-quality superfast point-to-point solutions, which are used in the biggest networks. Radwin antennae are extremely high-performing in their ability to transfer data and radio connections. We also install products made by Ubiquiti, a manufacturer of point-to-point wireless technology, recognised as a leader in the industry.

We can install wireless towers, microwave towers, and wireless bridges. Specialists in wireless broadband, we create solutions making use of multiple types of structure, such as microwave communication towers.

Our installers, who are all experts in wireless broadband with tower climbing and rescue certification, also carry out bridge installations.

The Advantages of Wireless Broadband for Business

One of the incontestable advantages of a wireless broadband system is the transmission speed, which can reach between 5 Mbps and 1 Gbps for upload and download. It is an effective alternative to fibre optic, copper wiring, and other traditional services, such as TP1 and MPLS, and the lower costs involved allow a return on investment within 12 to 18 months.

Wireless broadband allows you to extend your network to a radius of up to 120 km, and even to reach areas that traditional telecommunications technologies cannot. It allows the transmission of all data voice, computerised and video, which are transferred in optimum security using proprietary encryption and encoding.

The transmission of data is symmetrical (full-duplex), and wireless broadband can use public or private radio frequencies, the latter of which requires a license in this case.

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We offer wireless broadband communication solutions
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