People usually change their minds before buying a product or switch their business to some other company because of the poor support services. According to Accenture’s eleventh annual Global Consumer Pulse Research, 49 percent Canadians switched providers mainly the retailers and cable and satellite television service companies in the past year due to poor customer service.

Moreover, 68 percent of consumers agreed to the point of not going back once they have left a service provider. So it becomes really important for any service provider, whether IT, retail or banks to catch hold of their customers with the best service they could actually offer.

IT support service


The performance of your computer network actually depends on the IT support that you avail and hence can help you boost up your business. Everyone knows how stupid can one look if the IT systems fail. So you must always keep the best support service contact in front of you.

So, where can you find the best IT support service in Canada ?

There are many companies that fare well with the customers. You must put on your smart hat and try getting it on your own, marking few of the keynotes.

  1. Enquire about their market reputation: Before starting, you must ask for their clients and enquire about their market reputation. You should go for a keen research online as well as offline before you term any IT support service as your associate.
  2. 24*7 services: The service provider must provide you 24*7 services.  If this cannot be done somehow, they must at least have an emergency support number to assist you in case you require some assistance urgently.
  3. Vast knowledge of the product: Professionals with vast knowledge of the product must be given the place of customer support executives. Apart from the basic product information, they must also be able to solve your advance queries. Some examples of advanced technical support services requested by customers are:
  4. Troubleshooting and maintenance
  5. Software installation and configuration
  6. Network configuration assistance
  7. Installation, start-up and commissioning
  8. Application review and product testing
  9. Program conversion services
    Well-qualified technical support executives should be able to revert on these advance customer queries.
  10. Know their certifications: It is advisable to know their certifications as well as the accreditation before you hire your IT support service company.
  11. Quick assistance:A quick assistance is of the utmost importance. There is no fun to get an engineer at your home when you have already corrupted your system waiting for help. If you run a small business, then hours of wait can hamper your deals to a great extent, so it is better to go for rapid IT solution providers.
  12. Information security: Always take care of your confidentiality. Work with the service providers that do not pass on your sensitive information to anyone. Information security must be one of the most important points that you must make note of.

So, all these above mentioned points will help you find the best IT service provider that can eventually assist you to flourish your business.